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We appreciate REALTORS®

Our vast experience with these underappreciated individuals proves that most are dedicated professionals who continuously advocate for their clients. They contribute early and often in our area and are an asset to the community.

Further, REALTORS® are unfairly under attack. REALTORS® take significant risks daily with no guarantees. For example, REALTORS® work diligently for the opportunity to list your home, knowing that they will invest considerable resources to sell the home. If they fail, they will receive zero compensation for their efforts. The homeowner controls the most critical aspects of the transaction: sale price, condition/value of the home, willingness to follow through on selling, timing, etc., yet if the property does not sell, the REALTOR® will shoulder the blame while suffering substantial losses.

In 2022, the median gross income of REALTORS® was $56,400. Remember, most REALTORS®s are self-employed, so they shoulder the cost of all business expenses. In 2022, the median expense for REALTORS® was $6,500. In summary, REALTORS® risk their valuable resources (time and money) with no guarantee of success for the median net income of $47,830. FYI, this is slightly better than a US worker's median personal income of $40,480 in 2023.

In short, you may not appreciate the current system for REALTORS® compensation. However, know that your local REALTOR® likely had nothing to do with creating or propagating this compensation system. Further, most are not getting rich from it; they toil under it daily and, in the end, squeak out a respectable living.

We help REALTORS® make more sooner

  • You receive 3% when the foundation pours, plus an additional $5,000 VISA Card at completion.
    • We are a turn-key solution for you, and your client – our PM oversees the entire process from initial ideas to move in; they provide the support you need to do your job well and make things happen:
      • We prepare all documentation, and we are digital (the entire process can be completed online).
      • Our lender makes financing easy, and our escrow officer orchestrates closings.
    • By partnering with us, we can show you how to increase earnings on lot listings (up to 600%).

For Your Client – We provide the turn-key solution:

  • We are digital (at the clients’ direction, the entire process can be completed online) and personal; our PM will guide you from your initial ideas to move-in
  • We start with your client’s desires, where they want to live (we can help choose a home site), and a budget they are comfortable with (our lender and closing team make financing easy).
    • We create Your Client’s Thoughtful Design: The Design offers solutions for easier living and complements the land it rests on.
    • Each Design includes specifications, a guaranteed price, and a guaranteed build time.
    • Our pricing includes the items on the plan and designated in the specifications, construction financing, a $5,000 Deco allowance, a Texas Basement (or equal), and a signature built-in.
  • Selections can be completed online or at our Design Center.
  • We complete the plans and handle all engineering, energy modeling, permitting, utility connections, etc.
  • We then bring the Design into reality: Our construction team works tirelessly to ensure your client’s home has the right people, doing the right things at the right time to create the home of their dreams.
    • Through our online portal, you and your client have 24/7 access to all documentation, current schedules, job site pictures (updated bi-weekly), etc.
  • Once the home is completed, you can rest easy:
    • Pro Home, our dedicated and professional warranty service, offers 24/7 emergency service
    • StrucSure Home Warranty, an insurance-backed warranty, also covers the home for ten years.